Who am I?

My name is Denizhan. As people I meet daily can’t pronounce my name good enough I present myself as Deniz.

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I know someone who was vegetarian and recently turned vegan, now (s)he probably consumes double amount of bananas (s)he used to eat. Big banana producers like Chiquita and Dole are claimed to have child labor and extremely low wages a.k.a modern slavery plus unsustainable production methods. So make your choice, saving the animals ¬†or funding […]

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You’ll never walk alone?

Life in Turkey is becoming harder and harder, even if we compare last five years, freedom of speech gradually decreased. How? By threatening people, by arresting the ones protesting, by accusing the journalist being members of terrorist organizations. Even normal people started to report each other to police if they happen to say their unpopular […]

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Distortion or Destruction?

Hello, I haven’t been able to write anything for more than two weeks not because I didn’t have anything to write but I didn’t find the time. I guess my problem is that when I write I write too long so I need to a lot of time to create a blog post. My volunteering […]

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Today at the school our students had three exams and during the exams I am one of the invigilators. I walk around the desks to check how people are doing, it is one of the most boring jobs that exists on this universe. I can’t bring my mobile phone, book, newspaper, basically it is a […]

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European Voluntary Service

EVS- European Voluntary Service is a program under the Erasmus+ youth programs by European Union as other university exchanges and short term youth exchanges and training courses. You may ask if this program is by EU how did you end up in Denmark, well Erasmus+ also has partnership with the neighboring countries such as Turkey […]

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Why I don’t belong to Denmark?

This is note to self post. I have been experiencing an identity crisis for the past few years. I don’t feel belong to anywhere, any country, any culture. Multiculturalism, traveling and intercultural experiences are great but they messed me up as well. Of course I have learned extremely much from my experiences and can’t say […]

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